Vietnamese Techies Uncover New iPhone Prototype

Vietnamese Techies Uncover New iPhone Prototype

What’s happened to the carefully cultivated aura of mystery surrounding Apple’s new product launches? The release of the next next generation iPhone is months (at least?) away, but there have already been two major security leaks. And given Apple’s response to the last one, we’re guessing this isn’t just some weird guerilla marketing campaign.

So, first, if you’ll recall, Gizmodo unveiled a prototype left in a bar by some poor sucker. That was quite a fiasco! Now some nerds in Vietnam have managed to get their hands on one and it looks pretty legit! It’s very similar to the one Gizmodo bought, but it has a few minor cosmetic changes. And, of course, it won’t boot to OS, so we can’t really get a good look at anything but the superficial details.

Anyway, despite the fact that the video is in Vietnamese and you don’t really get to see the iPhone do a damn thing, I figure some of you fanboys out there will want to grab a peek at this. Feast your eyes (again!) on this yet unreleased mystery iPhone.

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