the Raptors are still beaten by 2k mt Bucks

Easy to battles, the Raptors are still beaten by 2k mt Bucks, Middleton jumper, Meike and Snell even in the third, the Bucks did not give the Raptors opportunity. Leaning against Lori’s free throws and Joseph’s jumper, 2k mt Raptors once chase 24 points, but Brogden jumper, Anto Quinco and Meike together scored 4 points, the Bucks 71-41 once again lead to 30 Minute. If not Anto Tuo Kunbo suddenly continuous free throws, 2k mt Bucks instinct to continue to expand the lead. However, Middleton and Monroe free throws stable, Anto Quinco finished layup, three at the end of the Bucks 78-46 or leading 32 points.

The end of the game without any suspense, Powell made free throws four free throws, but Beasley and Monroe have to fight back. Wright and Lori for three consecutive hit, Valencei Yunus lay, the Raptors will be narrowed to 24 buy vc ps4. Bucks back to the main, Snell layup, De La Vitoria third hit, Anto Quinco fly buckle and two free 2k mt, the Bucks 93-63 and lead to 30 points. Valenceian Yunus 2 penalty 1, Beasley retreat step jumper, the Bucks 95-64 lead 31 points, the overall situation has been set. The rest of the game completely into the garbage time, the Bucks took off buy nba 2k17 vc Quinbo, Middleton and other main force, the final Bucks in the home soldiers without blood pain slaughter dragon, big 2-1 lead.

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