Tell Your iPod or iPhone Theft Story

Tell Your iPod or iPhone Theft Story

Found an iPhone 5SHey, I found an iPhone 5S, took the SIM straight out it and factory reset it as you do. After a couple of days some cheeky swine blocked it but makes a good iPod and good for surfing the net, so happy days. [Wasn’t the “cheeky swine” probably the original owner? Sam] Harry

Got it backiPhone was stolen from a Chinese food restaurant. I left it on the table by mistake and went back in to get it 5 min later and it was gone. So I jumped on my wife’s phone and tracked it with Find My iPhone. It ended up near my work, so I went to the building and asked who had been there. They told me they were not allowed to tell me, so I called the police and they came and talked to them found out who it was and talked to him. They knew he had it but couldn’t prove it. I watched kijii and it went on sale, I called Apple and got my unique ID number from them and set up a buy, but they backed out when they recognized me. I sent a text to my phone told them to return it and I wouldn’t press charges. Next day my phone pops back up on GPS and ends up back at the Chinese food restaurant. I walk in right after it gets there and I ask if someone turned it in. The waitress hands it to me and says she found it in the ice cream freezer and it must have been there all night. Funny, wasn’t even cold! Stephan

Third time lucky?A few months ago I lost my LG prada phone, but I wanted to replace it anyway coz it lagged and was really annoying. I replaced it with an iPhone 5S and yesterday it got stolen at the hair dresser’s. My dad said the police can only track after it’s been switched on (it’s off and I didn’t sign up for Find My iPhone) and that it will take at least two months 🙁 I cried a lot. gee

my iPhone 3When I was doing my homework, I fell asleep and when I woke up my iPhone was gone. I thought it fell but now it’s gone. iphone 3

No good peopleDon’t you hate that you know who has your iPhone and they won’t give it back? Police need to do more. kisa

UselessThis person took my iPhone 4. I found out who had it and begged for it return seconds after I noticed it was gone. I know they got my messages and text asking for the return (because the next day, I was told they are not returning it). Eight days later they return it, wiped clean of all my information. So I’m saying OK, let me charge it; only it could not be charged because they broke the plate that fit in the charger, now the phone is useless. wendy

I’m so sadMy mom just bought this iPhone like about 2 months ago and I was rushing to school to catch the school bus. It was really icy and I fell but instead of making sure I had my phone, I just got straight back up to make sure that I didn’t miss the bus. I got on the bus got to school . then I realized it was missing. I have no idea what to do. My parents really don’t deserve this. All this money that they spend on me for me to not even have straight A in my classes. I’m really praying that I find it. dhizzy

Frack!!I happened to be up one day playing maple story on my iPod and watching movies. So I eventually fell asleep at around 5 am w/ the iPod in my hand or just close by. So I woke up, couldn’t find it, looked around the house, flipped the bed, checked the pillows, searched the entire area to find it the restroom and the entire house. Nowhere to be found. So I start to think maybe a roommate took it. I mean who else? I always keep my eye on it because it’s so dear to me. I paid $200 brand new of my own money and I’m not rich and it really helps when it comes to school and getting around when I’m lost. Almost 3 weeks gone by and I still haven’t given up the search. I’m freaking out. I set an alert but nothing has popped up yet. It’s in a bright green protective case . like anyone could ever miss it. This is crap! I know someone stole it!! A $200 piece of hardware doesn’t just walk out of your life without a notice. I’m really aggravated about this. I just started college and can’t use Wi Fi. ghostly beast

HELP ME PEASEI was at work, put my iPhone and iPod under my coat and bag with my friend’s iPhone. She took her phone, thought she put it all in her bag, left the table for one minute and I come back. We left, was about to leave work, and I realize it’s gone, then told my friend to stop the car. She stopped and I said my iPhone is gone. We turn around, then we check inside the building, tell my boss and we check all of our stuff. Then we know it’s gone. Go home, look it up on Find My iPhone and it’s offline and now we can’t find it. 🙁 Please help me find my iPhone and iPod. help me

What to do?I lost my iPod at school just now! What can I do? Will I get it back? My parents are going to freak out! It was brand new! What should I tell them??? PLEASE, I NEED HELP!!!!!!! LKDJfalkjf

No HopeI had lost my iPhone 5 that I had just got a few months ago. Brand new, all white. I had a passcode on it and I was traveling from the US to Vietnam. I was in the taxi and I had finally gotten home. I went upstairs and I had realized I did not have my phone. We called the taxi driver and he said there was a man who had just got on the taxi and demanded that he wanted to get off when he had just got on. Well. there’s no hope now considering it’s out of the US area. :'( People nowadays. I think it’s at home or maybe at school I seriously doubt that someone stole it but hey anything can happen. Whale, now I just watch TV or read a book for recreation. I’m still looking, though. x3_emily_x3

phoneWe were in school on Tuesday. We were doing math and then I went on the toliet and couldn’t find it. After, I went to the teacher and head teacher, then I called the police. It was an iPod, so I had an iCloud track. Derick

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