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How to Use iPhone as Modem

How to Use iPhone as Modem

In today’s fast paced life, waiting to connect to the Internet even for a minute seems like eternity. Many of you must be traveling due to several work reasons and may require Internet connection at any given point. Let’s say you’re at the airport, waiting to catch a plane. You have your laptop with you and it’s vital that you send certain documents right away. The airport doesn’t have proper Wi Fi or wireless Internet access connectivity but your cell phone does; wouldn’t that be the best deal? Wondering how to use iPhone as a modem? Read on to find out.

Use iPhone as Modem for Laptop

Along with other useful iPhone apps, the device can be used as a attached modem for your PC or laptop. Before using iPhone, you need to first enable it via iPhone dock connector to USB cable. If your phone has a 3G connection, you can even make and receive calls on your phone while using it as a dial up modem. The directions aren’t very long or tedious. All it takes is few simple steps and you’ll be good to go.

iPhone to USB cable

Data plan

Step 1 First and foremost, make sure that tethering has been enabled on the phone. What this means is, your other devices will be able to receive the Internet connection made available by an Internet capable cell phone.

Step 2 On your iPhone menu, go to Settings icon. The location of your “Settings” icon will be different as you can change it as per your own requirements. So it could be on the first page of the menu or somewhere else. If you’re new to iPhone, this icon looks gray in color and has a cogs design. Click on Settings icon.

Step 3 Now you need to go to the page where all the other subcategories are. So go to General category which will be towards the bottom of the phone’s screen. The icon has similar markings as the Settings menu. Click on General and then click on Network subcategory.

Step 4 After the Network icon, click on Internet Tethering option. Slide the option from Off to On. The Off icon is gray in color, and once you slide it to On icon, it will turn blue. This is where you have activated your iPhone to work as a modem.

Step 5 Next, connect your cell phone with the laptop with the iPhone to USB cable. Once you connect the cable, a pop up window will appear prompting you for approval. Click on iPhone and then select Apply. Your laptop has been connected to the Internet.

Step 6 You have successfully turned your device into a modem. Now you can launch the web browser for quick Internet access. You can easily check the connectivity on the desktop toolbar, located on the bottom right side of the screen for Windows and top right side of the screen for Mac.

See, was that difficult? All you have to do is follow few necessary steps and you’ll be online in no time. You can also read about how to set up Wi Fi. In order to maintain Internet connection, you need to make sure that the USB cable is intact. If you turn your phone off, the Internet connection will be disconnected. So, make sure it has enough battery life and stays on at all times. The connectivity needs to be strong so that you can work online without any disturbances.

Wow, try doing some research before spewing out such garbage. First of all, it’s called “iPhone 4” because it’s version 4. It is NOT called “iPhone 4G” as you erroneously state, because IT’S NOT A 4G PHONE. Secondly, tethering support has absolutely nothing to do with the iPhone 4 even though you erroneously seem to think it’s a new feature of it. And lastly, it doesn’t require a USB to Dock cable as you erroneously claim. It works perfectly fine over Bluetooth pairing. What a joke of an article!

Why an iPhone Suddenly Turns Off or Goes Black

Why an iPhone Suddenly Turns Off or Goes Black

While at a party, I recently pulled out my iPhone to check the time and noticed something troubling. My iPhone had completely turned off, or so it appeared, and would not turn back on when I held the button on top of the device. Within a few minutes, the problem had gone away, but I was left a bit curious as to what caused the problem, and whether it would come back. Here’s a look at why an iPhone may suddenly turn off or go black, and how to fix the problem.

Shutting Off Probably the most alarming aspect of this particular glitch is that it completely turns the iPhone off. While there’s no known cause for it, it seems to happen on low battery charges (though it’s not the same as your iPhone powering off from a completely empty charge), so it could be that the iPhone is mistakenly being triggered to think that it’s time to shut off to conserve power. Regardless, the iPhone won’t come on by simply holding the top button, which may make you think that it’s been bricked. Don’t worry, it isn’t.

Getting The iPhone To Boot You can often boot the iPhone back up by plugging it into a power source several times, which seems to activate the iPhone’s electronics, telling it that it’s time to turn on and do something, since there’s now foreign power. If you plug your iPhone into your computer to charge it, make sure that it’s plugged into a USB port that’s directly on the computer itself, not through a USB hub, and if you plug it into the wall, be sure that the plug is, y’know, actually in the wall. Unplug it carefully and replug it in several times. YOu can also try holding the top button and the home button for several seconds, several different times.

Once the iPhone reboots, you may want to try reinstalling the software and operating system to fix the problem, as the most likely cause is probably some type of data corruption. To put your iPhone in recovery mode, hold down the Home button while plugging it into a computer and keep holding it until an on screen message displays that mentions that the iPhone is in recovery mode. From this point, you can use iTunes to reinstall the software on your iPhone, which may fix the issue.

If it persists, it’s time to call Apple. Unfortunately, suddenly turning off may indicate electronic or memory failure, and if you’ve got a warranty, it’s time to call it in. You may be able to get a new phone in the interim, so you shouldn’t have to go without a phone at all, though you may have to wait a week or two for your iPhone to get back from the shop.

Do you have any other tips for fixing or finding the problem in an iPhone that keeps suddenly turning off or going black? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

My iPhone Is Stuck on the Apple Beginning Screen

My iPhone Is Stuck on the Apple Beginning Screen

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysThe first and easiest troubleshooting method for a frozen iPhone is to reboot it. Do this by holding down the “sleep/wake” button on top of the device, while simultaneously holding down the “home” button (circular button with a white square in it). A red “power” slide will appear at the top of the screen. Slide this into the off position, and then turn your device back on. If the device stays stuck on the Apple logo after the restart, hold down the “sleep/wake” and “home” buttons for 10 seconds. This will cause the iPhone to reset. If it’s still stuck on the beginning screen, try restoring the device.An iPhone restore will most likely fix your problem. It does however carry the consequence of deleting all information that has been acquired since your last sync. To restore your iPhone, shut it off completely, and then open iTunes on your computer. Plug one end of the iPhone’s USB cable into your computer. Hold down the “home” button on your iPhone while connecting it to the other end of the USB cable that’s connected to your computer. Continue holding down the “home” button until the iPhone screen displays the “Connect to iTunes” icon. Your iTunes window should automatically navigate to your iPhone’s screen, and a pop up window will appear on your computer notifying you that the iPhone is trying to go into recovery mode. Click “OK” to continue. Click the “Restore” button on the iPhone page under the “Summary” tab. Wait for the restore process to complete before turning your iPhone back on.

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