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Quarterback Drew – Brisbane hope to stay in New Orleans saints

Drew Bree hut 18 coins will become a free agent this offseason. But the New Orleans Saints quarterback surely felt the playoffs against the Minnesota Vikings were his last game as Saints players. When suddenly asked Sunday whether he thought he had a future for the saints, Brisbane answered bluntly: “Yes.” The future Hall of Fame quarterback hut coins buy then said on Twitter: “I love you all Amateurs: I love our team, and we’re doomed to great things. “It seems he’s ready to renew his contract with the Saints. gobuymmo coins


Brisbane interviewed on Tuesday further clarified his attitude. “I do not want confidentiality,” Brisbane said of his contract. “I felt so 2 days ago, and I felt 12 years ago that it would stay there as long as they needed me.” Unless both sides reached a consensus soon, Brisbane would become a free agent in March. The saint can not label him privileged. Whether Brisbane will be in the battle, he will occupy 18 million US dollars in 2018 salary space. If the two sides signed a new contract this figure will only become larger.

warrior coach Steve Cole said in an interview that he buy mt very trusting assistant

Earlier in the day, warrior coach Steve Cole said in an buy mt that he was very trusting buy mt Mike – Brown to replace himself on the sidelines, “Mike is very good, he completed the excellent job. I lay at home On the couch, tell my son that we should now adjust, and then I see that Brown really did that, Mike and my thoughts. “Because of back injury, Cole missed the game, had even buy cheap nba 2k17 coins that, He is likely to miss all the next game in the playoffs. Last buy mt, Cole had because of the back injury, missed most of the season, then, to replace his temporary coaching is Luke – Wharton.

From the US media reports, the eagle player Dennis – Schroeder in an interview, talked about his offseason plan, Schroeder said, “I am ready and Kerry – Owen and John – Wall two training together Because the two of them are the league’s best point guard. “At present, Schroeder’s eagle is playing the buy mt, and the game, he and Wall just tit for tat. Playing the ball, Schroeder played well, he played 31 minutes, 22 of 10 shots, scored 27 points 2 rebounds and 9 assists to help the Hawks pull a city.
The latest report from the US media, in today’s Clippers Jazz series before the fourth game, the jazz nba 2k17 buy coins announced that the center Rudy – Gobel will come back. Series opener, Gobel an opening accidentally sprained, after the retire. The next two balls, he has been resting. The regular buy mt this season, Gobel played 81 times, averaging 33.9 minutes to play, get 14 points 12.8 rebounds and 2.6 blocks 1.2 assists. At present in this round series, the Clippers big score 2: 1 temporary lead. However, the Clippers inside the main Griffin has been sold for injury.

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