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gold iPhone 5s is

gold iPhone 5s is

While Apple employees were working to develop the new gold iPhone 5s color option, they jokingly referred to the gold colored iPhone 5s as the “Kardashian Phone”, according to an Oct 19 report in “Apple Insider”. Apple is know for many things, including its rebel outlook and irreverent humor.

This humorous nickname, given to celebrate the model, actress, fashion designer and television personality Kim Kardashian, was outed this week in a tweet by Nick Bilton of the “New York Times” and confirmed by Matthew Panzarino of “TechCrunch”.

There are companies that re anodize Apple devices, like an iPhone, so you can have a completely personalized device in the color of your choice. Jonathan Geller of “BGR” decided that he wanted a gold iPhone and had iPhones colored gold for his friends Kim Kardashian, Jonathan Cheban and Wiz Khalifa.

Kardashian, Cheban and Khalifa tweeted about how much they loved their new gold colored iPhones, and pretty soon gold was the most popular re anodizing color choice. Geller suggests that this popularity may have led to Apple start working on a gold colored option for iPhone 5s.

All the evidence suggests that gold is the most sought after color by Apple customers in the United States and abroad and it is in extremely short supply. The gold colored iPhone 5s is especially popular in China, where the color gold symbolizes wealth.

Apple Girding For Big iPhone Sales

Apple Girding For Big iPhone Sales

By David Berman

Expectations are rising for the next generation of the Apple iPhone. All Things Digital has a roundup of some recent rumors surrounding the iPhone 5, noting that one of Apple Inc. (AAPL) manufacturing partners is producing 150,000 iPhones a day, and is schedule to produce a total of 6 million of the mobile devices in September alone.

An analyst at BTIG estimates that Apple will sell 21.5 million iPhone 5s in the fourth quarter alone and potentially far more if it adds Sprint (S) as another carrier in the United States. Apple hasn yet announced when the new device will be launched, but the scuttlebutt is some time in October.

Apple shares have been riding the same roller coaster as the rest of the stock market over the past month or so. Since hitting a high of $404.50 in late July, they fell below $355 in August. They have since recovered most of that lost ground and are currently up 3 per cent since Steve Jobs resigned as the company chief executive in late August, raising concerns about whether Apple can continue to produce popular leading edge consumer technology devices.

Year to date, though, Apple has been a star, with the shares up 20 per cent, versus a 4.9 per cent decline for the broad S 500.

Tattoo Art: from primitive to modern

Tattoo, modern concept in a very elegant and can be very stylish, even a personalized way of self-expression, and as Christian Dior, Chanel and other brands Chanticleer use of tattoo art, tattoo culture has this tattoo kits street began to be more widespread. In today’s France, one in ten people have tattoos in the United States is the fifth of people have tattoos, more and more young people like this kind of tattoo art.

Early tattoos symbolize status, or tribal markings. After the 18th century, and gradually evolved into a negative culture, many societies those at the bottom and the offender will be tattooed, and now, tattoos have appeared in the advertising, design, fashion and other fields, has become a pop culture phenomenon. Thus, tattoo art indeed has a long and tortuous tattoo equipment history, of course, with the improvement of social development and technology, the future of tattoo art or will be richer and more beautiful. Today, wearable devices have become the new darling of the sector, and can detect human health electronic tattoos are more fashionable people who are considered wearable devices artifact.

I want to use anesthetic in tattoo , can I?

A: Use the anesthetic in the process of tattooing is possible ! With the development of medical technology, now has a dedicated high quality painting style tattoo anesthetic . For the use of anesthetic , neither advocated nor encouraged. But for injectable anesthetic , only Despair ! Because only nationally recognized anesthesiologist before surgery tattoo supply anesthesia can be implemented by any other person shall be entitled to implement , tattooists no exception. Tattoo pain on terms , which most people can tolerate the pain . Minority painlessly people with smear -style tattoo dedicated anesthetic can also make yourself have a perfect tattoo. But you need to do is to pay the money to buy anesthetic only.
Tattoo will not be infected or infected what disease?

A: Because the tattoo is to pierce the skin , it is not the correct way or not strict disinfection and the use of inferior pigment and other equipment , can easily cause infection and even a variety tattoo supplies of infectious diseases . To avoid infection and infected should note two points:
First, choose a regular professional tattoo studio and professional tattoo artist ;
Second, the proper methods of care after the tattoo is very necessary .

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