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Best iPhone applications for you

Best iPhone applications for you

Best iPhone applications for youI own an iPhone 5, and since I put it in my possession, I have been experimenting with the App Store.

I have tried each app that I liked based on the name, theme, picture, colors, or sometimes I would just install an app, for the sake of installing new applications, and explored it.

I have installed many, and uninstalled even more. These happens because not all of them are good quality, good options, or they do not really do what they promise to do in their description. And because, there are simply better apps.

I have chosen some of those apps that I think everyone should have in their iPhone, but of course, you are free to do as you please.

But, before we begin our marathon, I want to say something very important, especially parents must read carefully for it is about protecting their children!

Be careful, and DO NOT, absolutely DO NOT install the animated applications like: Talking Angela, Talking Tom, and all those other talking things. What do these apps do?

They ask to take a photo of you, to play with you. Yes, I said THEY, because in fact there are specific persons behind those apps. DO NOT! There applications are hacked, and these are persons whom law defines as kidnappers. In Italy, police entered each class in every school, and personally uninstalled and banned these applications from the kid’s iPhones.

Now, that I made that clear, lets move on to our useful and safe applications.

InstagramInstagram is a social site, an app that is offered only for Android, and IOS systems.

It offers you the possibility to create a blog with all your photos [kind of an album.] You are the one who chooses the persons you want to follow, and persons that follow you. You can keep your blog open for everyone, or private in which case you are the one to confirm if a person who asks to follow you, will be able to see your album or not.

You do not have to speak with anyone. You only comment and like others pictures, and others do so to yours. But if you do like to speak with others, then you can always install “InstaMessage”.

Another thing you can do with Instagram after the latest update, is that you can send photos directly to someone, without others being able to see it.

We all know ” A photo is worth a thousand words. “

WhatsAppWhatsApp is an application that can be used by everyone in posses of a phone with internet.

This app allows you to text with all your contacts for free, if you have internet, or wireless. You can choose your nickname and a photo. There is no need for an email or password, all you need is a mobile phone and your phone number.

It allows you to send photos, and videos in real time to your chosen friend, or even create a group of your friends and text with all of them at once, just like messenger.

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