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Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5

with a slew of manufacturers swarming technology market in order to capture the market trend, it has become a joy ride of consumers who are getting the best of innovation. With a plethora of devices out there seeking attention of the user, only two have been able to stand out of the competition. It is a fight to the finish for the two industry giants who have been locking horns with each other for many years.

Both the smartphones have been trying really hard to rein at the top. Although iPhone 5 is still couple of months old with next iteration in the waiting, Galaxy S4 is fresh out of the stock boast latest technology.\r\n\r\nDifferencing parameters Certainly Galaxy S4 looks best on paper, with bigger screen size, better battery life with enhanced processor. But will it entrance with the same ease of use and reliability? There are various factors that splash light on differences between both handsets.\r\n\r\nSize Android devices are growing more in size while Apple has been very reluctant in making any changes to its iPhone as far as size is concerned. Whether users prefer “bigger is better” Or “less is more”, it is game of preference. The fact cannot be denied that Galaxy S4 is much bigger than iPhone 5 in every possible way. There are many user reviews that portray Android handsets to be extra large to hold whereas iPhone is termed to be much comfortable in day to day action. Before making any decision you need to check both devices as per your preference.\r\n\r\nDisplay Galaxy S4 offers millions of pixels in addition to extra inch of display real estate. Pixels count entirely on a different concept and the big display has been continuously touching the phablet ecosystem. On the contrary iPhone has been always boastful of its sharp retina display and least interested in bringing any change to its display dimensions. \r\n\r\nProcessor iPhone 5 is marketed with its enhanced A6 processor which is quite fast in processing. Still Galaxy S4 beats iPhone 5 processor with its dual quad core processing power. In addition to that there is also a variant Galaxy S4 with 1.9 GHz quad core snapdragon 600 which also surpasses iPhone 5 substantially.\r\n\r\nStorage Provided with the expandable 64 GB memory, Galaxy S4 offers microSD card which iPhone 5 lacks. Another point of differentiation is the Galaxy’s additional 2GB of Random Access Memory which doubles the iPhone’s 1 GB.\r\n\r\nBattery life On the papers Galaxy S4 looks great at battery side but no conclusion can be drawn as Galaxy offers extra pixels. In order to process the extra sharp 1080p 441 ppi display, galaxy S4 will have to churn out some substantial battery life. iPhone 5 estimates more than 8 hours talk time. Galaxy S4 is more powerful offering 2300 mAh battery. \r\n\r\nCamera iPhone 5 is best as far as its camera quality is concerned. But with Galaxy coming out with 13MP Rear shooter and 2MP front facing camera, the verdict might tilt towards Samsung. Video camera resolution has also been enhanced in the latest iteration of Samsung Galaxy S4. \r\n\r\nGalaxy S4 runs on the latest version of Android jelly bean 4.2.2 whereas iPhone 5 uses iOS 6.1.2. Fact remains iOS is easier and more proficient operating system to use and molded especially for novice user. iPhone application developers and Apple app store still holds unmatchable number of apps in terms of quality. But Android is stepping forward with more customizable interface for power users which is a bonanza for them. This makes availability of Samsung Galaxy S4 far greater than iPhone 5.\r\n

New Apple iPhone copying Samsung S4 for holidays

New Apple iPhone copying Samsung S4 for holidays

With the 4th of July long in the rear view mirror, it’s never too early for the serious holiday shoppers to start looking at what’s going to be hot this upcoming season. With the anticipation of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 rumors you can be sure that they will be at the top of many shopping lists.

The company (Apple) may be ready to roll out larger smartphones and tablets to catch up with its competitors like Samsung. If iPhone 6 comes with a 4.8 inch screen, it would be a direct contender of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

It would be a smart move by Apple to roll out a 4.8 inch screen and compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One as both of those models are selling extremely well. If their is an iPhone release in September, or anytime before the holiday season, a larger screen would be an attractive feature that would draw in customers.

Apple is also scheduled to release the iPad Mini 2 sometime in the near future. While many outlets are saying it won’t be out until early 2014, holiday shoppers can always hope for a November December release.

Infographic compares iPhone 5S vs

Infographic compares iPhone 5S vs

So this visual snapshot takes a closer look at perhaps the best models on the market: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5S.

So what exactly was compared? In the first portion the general specs are measured alongside each other. For example, the Operating System (OS), the CPU speeds and memory capacity were differentiated. In this initial general comparison, the Samsung Galaxy outperforms the iPhone. However, it’s possible Apple gets a slightly better review for its latest iOS 7 mobile version.

For the next category the displays are matched up with Samsung edging out iPhone because of its size and screen resolution. For protection of your smartphone’s screen, Apple’s iPhone 5S has the oleophobic coating, which gives the screen some additional resistance towards getting water spills on the device. This type of coating has been added since the release of the iPhone 3GS.

Comparing the camera specs the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a better camera resolution with 13 MP by the likes of 8 MP camera of the iPhone 5S. In addition, the pixel resolution is far superior on the Samsung phone. Now, the video resolution is nearly identical in video quality for both models.

The number of features mentioned elsewhere are ten for the iPhone and ten for the Samsung. A very detached comparison, description and gives the impression that this particular category would be left up to the consumers to choose and say which one works out better for them.

In the final categories of the reasons for buying one over the other is a great illustration. An interesting thought process that potential or existing smartphone owners could hover over when making a purchasing decision.

Both models are at the cutting edge of technology, and looking at the sales in the next quarter will certainly continue to spice up the debate. Who is going to win the hearts of consumers and businesses will ultimately be up to the eye of the beholder.

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