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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5s compete for best smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5s compete for best smartphone

On Saturday morning, half of the Sprint, AT and T Mobile stores we checked with in Los Angeles and Orange County were sold out of the Galaxy Note 3. Even though they told us that iPhone 5s sales were better, the Galaxy Note 3 isn’t far behind.

In a previous article, we talked about the performance, operating system and multimedia aspects of both smartphones. Let’s compare the phone quality and battery life.

We tested both the T Mobile and Sprint versions of the Galaxy Note 3. Both offered very good quality on both the earpiece and speakerphone (though the speakerphone could have been louder). In some areas where Sprint’s LTE kept switching back to 3G, we lost our call. Callers said we sounded good, but they noticed a slightly robotic sound processing.

On the other hand, callers on iPhone 5s told us we almost sounded as good as we would on a landline connection. The iPhone 5s call quality on both Sprint and T Mobile’s network is excellent. The only problem is that like the Galaxy Note 3, the iPhone’s loudspeaker quality could be a little louder.

The iPhone 5S wins this category, but not by much. Both phones have excellent call quality.

The Galaxy Note 3 is the very first smartphone that heavy users can go through a full day without a charge. The 3,200 mAh battery really is an asset to this device. The Micro USB 3 port ensures that you can rapidly charge your device as well. Samsung realizes the Galaxy Note 3 is for mobile warriors.

The 1,560 mAh battery life on the iPhone 5s provides only a slightly longer use than the iPhone 5 battery it isn’t very good. Your average user may make it thought the day without having to recharge the device, but most users will have to juice up their battery before coming home from work.

The Galaxy Note 3 easily wins this round.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5s are top notch smartphones. However we have to give the advantage to the Galaxy Note 3 it is easily the most useful smartphone device ever. We can’t wait to see what Apple does with the iPhone 6, which is supposed to have a larger screen.

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