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New iPad Mini Engineering Sample Photos

New iPad Mini Engineering Sample Photos

Exclusive photos of an iPad Mini engineering sample provide a first look at the iPad Mini design and hints at possible iPad Mini features. The new iPad will be the thinnest Apple tablet yet, as one of the photos shows.

Photos of the iPad Mini engineering sample come from a trusted source inside the Apple supply chain, who also provided exclusive iPhone 5 engineering sample photos, which are more detailed.

iPad Mini Design

The iPad Mini will be a little bit thinner than the current iPad, but it is only about two thirds the size.

The bottom of the iPad Mini shows the smaller19 pin dock connector we’ve heard about in earlier rumors for the iPhone 5.

The engineering mockup shows two speakers on either side of the dock connector, where current iPads have only one speaker. The speaker placement could show how Apple plans to change the iPad 3rd generation for a rumored fall refresh. The current iPad speakers are almost rear facing and easy to cover while holding. By moving the speakers tosurroundthe smaller dock connector and flattening the edge, the iPad Mini may be louder than the current iPad.

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While the images don’t show the exact dimensions of the iPad Mini, we used Photoshop in an attempt to measure them. The reading isn’t anywhere near perfect but it provides a glimpse at what to expect from the iPad Mini’s size.

What we’ve found, using a pixel count, is that the iPad Mini should be around 213.36mm tall and about 143.67mm wide.

iPad Mini Display

The iPad Mini sample doesn’t include markers for the display size, but current rumors suggest that the iPad Mini display will be 7.85 inches.

There are also rumors that point to the iPad Mini as having a IGZO display from Sharp. IGZO stands for indium gallium zinc oxide and it should allow Apple to offer an iPad with a thinner screen featuring better brightness.

Sharp’s IGZO displays can also apparently handle 330 ppi which means that the display on the iPad Mini could very well be a Retina Display. Unfortunately, the images don shed any light on the matter.

To get a better feel for the iPad Mini display size, Daring Fireball suggests taking a screenshot of the iPad home display and viewing it with the iPad in landscape mode. When the image shrinks to the rotated display, the image will simulate the iPad Mini display. Gruber also shares a number of ideas regarding the price and use of the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Rumors

Rumors have pointed to a smaller iPad from Apple for some time,and it appears that the company might finally make good on the rumors this fall.

Most of the current iPad Mini rumors focus on the display size, price and potential release date with analysts and publications like The Wall Street Journal weighing in.

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Rumored features of the iPad Mini include:

A 7.85 inch display with 1024768 resolution. The display is also rumored to possibly be an IZGO display from Sharp

$299 iPad Mini price

October release date alongside the iPhone 5

16GB model

And while not specifically rumored, the iPad Mini may come with 4G LTE connectivity for carriers like AT and Verizon.

Something is just plain wrong here. Those estimated measurements make it 8.4 x 5.6 and that taller and significantly narrower than the paper iPad Mini published yesterday. It no longer a 4:3 ratio and makes it more of a tall iPhone than iPad. The paper iPad Mini specs are in line with two other 7 4:3 tablets, from Pandigital and Cruz (Velocity Micro), which is what I expect an iPad Mini to be. So either your measurements are wrong, or that sample is wrong (it doesn even look 4:3), or ALL of us have been wrong in what the iPad Mini will be. An iPad Mini as actually an iPhone MAX?! Note: I just done a piece of paper according to your estimated measurements. While a 4:3 screen could fit in that, the border around it is just screwy, not being uniform all around. Something is still wrong.

Cool Features of iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

Cool Features of iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

iPad mini 2 Less Size, More Power

The mini version of iPad was a device that a lot of people loved and Apple has just released an updated version, the iPad mini 2. The event that Apple made their announcements took place in the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, and except from the iPad Air and the iPad mini 2 with Retina display, the new iOS 7.0.3 version was presented and a few MAC OS products.

I know that many people are in fond of Apple and they use the whole variety of their products, but this article will focus on the iPad mini 2 with Retina Display product.

As a general overview, we can say that Apple new tablet has many similarities with its previous mini model, but it is twice as fast. Apple focused more on the hardware and the performance, rather than its appearance.

Why iPad mini 2 is twice as fast from its predecessor?

The hardware upgrade of iPad mini 2 is astonishing, comparing it with Apple previous models. It is using hardware parts that were used on iPhone 5s, and it is very clear by now that iPhone 5s is the most powerful Smartphone you can find (At least among the previous iPhone models).

The most important upgrade Apple made is the Retina Display, which supports a resolution of 2048×1536 with 326ppi pixel density. The previous model supported only 1024×768 with 136ppi pixel density. This is a major upgrade and Apple decided to hear the requests of its customers and add the Retina Display.

iPad mini 2 with Retina Display has the latest 64 bit A7 chip processor, which is the same as the iPhone 5s. The performance and speed are now doubled cause of this major hardware upgrade and everyone will be able to use any iOS application without any issues. It also contains the new M7 motion coprocessor which helps with the battery life and CPU overloading.

The combination of all the above gives you the feeling that iPad mini 2 with Retina Display is at least twice as fast, not only because of its great and powerful hardware but with its high quality resolution of Retina Display.

iPad mini 2 with Retina Display Design and Prices

Apple did not focus on the appearance of the iPad mini 2, but mostly on its performance. They did a very good job to the performance area, but the design is almost exactly the same. To be fair, the iPad mini model had a great design, which means that this new model is also look great. On think that disappointed many people is that there is not a TouchID sensor on it, and you will have to unlock it with the old fashioned method.

The WiFi model of iPad mini 2 with Retina Display starts at $399 and goes up to $699. If you want the WiFi and Cellular model , the prices start from $529 and climb up to $829.

If you found this information valuable, please share it with your friend to learn in details all the specs and features of iPad mini 2 with Retina Display model.

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3 Things We Learned About the iPad 5 From the iPhone 5S Announcement

3 Things We Learned About the iPad 5 From the iPhone 5S Announcement

The impending release of the iPhone 5S doesn’t just impact customers hoping to get their hands on Apple’s newest smartphone. It also means a nice upgrade for the iPad, with the next version of Apple’s iOS being released on September 18th. In addition to the upgrades featured in iOS 7, we can also tell a few things about the iPad 5 from the features includes in the iPhone 5S.

The iPad 5’s home button will double as a fingerprint scanner. This will double as a security measure and an easy way to purchase music, movies and apps. I know I sometimes get tired of entering my password every time I want to download an app, so just pressing a finger against the home button is going to be very nice.

The iPad 5 will have a separate CPU dedicated to reading and reaction to motion sensors. This is a bit more important for the iPhone since it plays into fitness apps, but it is still a nice upgrade for the iPad. This is easy to overlook as just another number increasing, but the upgrade from a 32 bit CPU to a 64 bit CPU is actually pretty big, especially for the iPad. The 64 bit architecture will not only provide a nice performance boost, but also will allow for more complex graphics. I won’t repeat Apple’s exaggeration of ‘console level’ graphics not with the Xbox One and PS4 right around the corner but it could compete well against Nintendo’s Wii U.

Will the iPad Mini 2 get these features?

While it is easy to predict these upgrades for the iPad 5, it’s not so easy to predict which ones will come to the next iPad Mini. It’s doubtful the Mini will get the same 64 bit architecture. Likely, the iPad Mini 2 will run on the same System on a Chip that powered the iPad 3, though it is possible Apple creates a new chip specifically for the iPad Mini 2.

As for the fingerprint reader and the separate chip for motion detection, they are more 50 50. Both would no doubt be useful, but Apple’s inclusion of a Retina Display will mean they will be looking for other ways to cut costs.

What about the iPhone 5S’s upgraded camera?

One of the most immediately useful features upgraded in the iPhone 5S was the camera. Apple didn’t play the number game by simply upgrading the megapixels in hopes that the public would assume that more megapixels means better pictures. (It doesn’t.) In fact, they didn’t mention megapixels at all, instead focusing on upgrades that will actually result in better photos taken by the new iPhone.

It’s possible Apple includes the new camera on the next iPad, especially now that iMovie and iPhoto will be free. But it is not a certainty. Smartphones are increasingly taking the place of digital cameras, so upgrading the camera on the iPhone 5S was important. But with Photo Stream allowing easy photo sharing between the iPhone and iPad, it’s not quite as important for the iPad 5.

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