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How to Set Up and Use iPhone Tethering

How to Set Up and Use iPhone Tethering

When you turn tethering on, you’ll get a warning if Bluetooth and WiFi are not enabled. This is OK. Either enable Bluetooth and WiFi or tap the “USB Only” button. You can always come back and tether via Bluetooth or WiFi later if you want.

If you’re using USB, now is the time to plug the cable into your computer (you can plug it in earlier, but that will make you wait longer, since it will include two syncs rather than one).

Your phone will sync with your computer unless you’ve set it not to automatically sync. If you have, sync it now. When the sync is complete, you’ll be online.

If you’re using Bluetooth, make sure it’s turned on for both devices. When it is, set your computer to discover new Bluetooth devices and, when it finds your phone, pair them. Confirm the connection.

When the devices are paired, choose “Connect to Network” from your computer’s Bluetooth utility (on the Mac, this is the Bluetooth menu in the top right corner) and you should be online. Sometimes there’s a slight delay in connecting via Bluetooth, but be patient.

How To Use the UIAlertView in iPad or iPhone Application

How To Use the UIAlertView in iPad or iPhone Application

The UIAlertView is much more that a simple alert popover, which it does very smartly. The UIAlertView can be enhanced to be used as an input form as well. You can add custom buttons and other design elements that direct users, display important information, capture information from users and more.

This tutorial will show to develop and customize the UIAlertView programmatically. The UIAlertView is a specialized UIView in the Cocoa Touch API. It is intended to be used as is and cannot be or shouldn’t subclassed.

The parameter is a standard NSString object. You can pass the NSString object literally or as an instance variable. I find using an instance variable much easier when I need to concatenate another string object, say like an NSError detail then passing the NSString to the argument.

The argument is the receivers , like self, or nil if there is no

The cancelButtonTitle means that you provide a for the button that dismisses the UIAlertView and possibly return a value. This can be “Yes” or “Cancel” or “OK” or “Whatever you like”.

The otherButtonTitles is a NSString value but you can define several individual buttons separated by a comma

You could also set the UIAlertview properties individually using the individual properties included in the API. Let us look at the properties that are included in the API and that you can use to personalize the UIAlertView:The property is used to establish the receiver’s , like for instance self. You can also specify nil if there is no . The is used to notify or to pass information to another other that the calling object has done something. By complex I mean that you can concatenate and do other string manipulations. This is handy to inform the user the type of alert you are displaying.

How to Put Music from IPhone to ITunes

How to Put Music from IPhone to ITunes

How to put music from iPhone to iTunes on my laptop? My laptop got a virus and I just replaced it. All my files on my laptop have been wiped out. There are approximately 1000 songs in my iPhone and not all of them are purchased. How can I transfer and put all my music to the iTunes and sync with iTunes without losing my songs? Can someone please tell me in detail how to put music from iPhone to iTunes? Veronica

Have you come across the similar trouble how to put music from iPhone to iTunes with Veronica? To put music from iPhone to iTunes effortlessly, you need a magical iPhone Transfer program. In this article, I recommend iPhone to iTunes Transfer to you. It can assist you to transfer and put various files from your iPhone to your iTunes library.

Step1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and then open the iPhone to iTunes Transfer.

Step3: After clicking “Export” button, the following window will pop up; you can choose to click “Export to iTunes” to transfer and put songs from iPhone to iTunes.

Step4: Just wait a moment! When the exporting finished, the following window will pop up. You can click “OK” button to view the output songs.

OK, that’s all! By using iPhone to iTunes Transfer to put iPhone music to iTunes is a piece of cake! Free download it and have a good trial right now!

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My old MacBook broke and all the data (along with all of my music) was deleted! Does anybody know of any programs that allow me to put iPhone songs to iTunes on my MacBook?

How do you put music from iPhone to iTunes on my Windows computer without replacing the existing songs on it?

I have many songs that I like on my iPhone 4 and I want to put my music from my iPhone to iTunes library on my Windows Vista computer, but I don’t want to replace the songs already on there. How do I do this?

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