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Bank chief economist gofifacoins

Bank chief economist Lu commissar think, taking into account the gofifacoins reverse repurchase expires, issued payment of taxes to the local debt, convertible bonds and the monarch to freeze funds and other gofifacoins, the central bank is expected in late mid July will restart the reverse repo operations. Hong Hao also said that the central bank in July or will a reverse repurchase action gofifacoins. “In July before the two week’s reverse repurchase expires when a large amount of tight market liquidity and volatility is more intense, madden coins central bank shot stability will be a gofifacoins probability event in fact.”, About the future of the operation of monetary policy, the central bank released the first quarter of 2017 Chinese monetary policy report pointed gofifacoins: “the next time the central bank repurchase operation will be 7 days, when there is a temporary disturbance, seasonal factors will also choose to carry out other gofifacoins of reverse repurchase maturities; MLF operation will be a period of 1 years, to help other maturities when necessary, buy madden mobile coins order to better meet the financial institutions in the long-gofifacoins liquidity demand.”

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