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1 update available for iPhone

1 update available for iPhone

The free iOS 7.1 update available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is being released today, according to a March 10 report in Computer World.

This free iOS update is the first major update to iOS 7.0, Apple’s new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. This update is a hefty 200 MB and includes lots of improvements and bug squashing.

One of the improvements iOS 7.1 brings, is to “Siri”, the voice activated virtual assistant. Now you press the home button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to speak to “Siri” and release it for the virtual assistant to reply. Before users had to tap the virtual microphone to talk to “Siri” and wait for “Siri” to detect that the user had stopped speaking. Besides making “Siri” respond much faster to a user’s commands, this iOS 7.1 update provides “Siri” with more natural sounding female and male voices.

With this free iOS 7.1 update it’s also easier to create stations in “iTunes Radio”. To create a new customized station, just use the search field atop “Featured Stations”. Also in this update, when you subscribe to “iTunes Match”, you can listen to “iTunes Radio” ad free.

In this iOS 7.1 update you’ll find enhancements to “Calendar” too. Now specific holidays are automatically added to your calendar and you can view events by the month.

If you have an iPhone 4, this new iOS 7.1 update will make iOS work smoother on your device.

If you have an iPhone 5s, this iOS 7.1 update will automatically set your camera to HDR. This update will also improve TouchID (the fingerprint scanner).

Besides these improvements and necessary bug fixes , this iOS 7.1 update includes the CarPlay feature. CarPlay is Apple’s new hands free way to interact with your iPhone and your car’s dashboard while you are driving. Just connect your iOS 7.1 updated iPhone to any CarPlay enabled automobile and you’ll be able to control everything from the maps on your phone to the knobs and buttons in your car hands free.

On your iPhone or iPad you can download the iOS 7.1 update for free by tapping “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update” > “Download and Install” > “Agree” to begin the download process. Be sure that you iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi Fi to save data charges. Also, be sure that your iPhone or iPad is plugged in to a power outlet.

While downloading iOS 7.1 is easiest this way, you can also download iOS 7.1 from iTunes.

Either way, this iOS 7.1 update is compatible with iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad mini+ and iPod Touch (5G).

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your New IOS7 IPhone Camera or Did You

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your New IOS7 IPhone Camera or Did You

Folks are using their iPhone camera 24/7. We carry our iPhone wherever we go, even to the bathroom, we document nearly everything we do in a day. With sites like hip Instagram, In Your Facebook and a Slickr Flickr, we just love to take and share our photos to get ‘likes’ and followers. But what if there were some great tips and tricks to using your iPhone camera that you didn’t know about and could help you create even better images?

Count yourself as an iPhone camera guru if you already use some of these tips. And if you’re an iPhone camera genius please share some of your own tips so that we all can be as learned as you.

I’ve had an iPhone since the 3GS came out, that would be about four years now. I didn’t know until a few das ago that I could have been using my ear buds as a remote shutter release all this time. Simply plug in your earbuds as you normally would, open up the camera, then press the volume UP or DOWN button on the earbuds. I’ve tried this with third party earbuds that have a volume button and it works. From other camera apps including Instagram and Flickr, this remote shutter should be tested in advance. In my own testing with Instagram’s camera the volume buttons did not work but with Flickr it does. You can always use the iPhone camera app and edit later in Instagram. But now you can use either the volume up or down button to take a photo. Why is using the volume keys better? For most people using the volume buttons makes for a steadier photo because you are holding the camera in a more natural position which equates to less shake. As of this writing this feature was not working in Instagram but was working in Flickr and Camera Awesome, two photo apps that are exceptional.

New Photo Gallery (iOS7 only)

For folks that took the plunge and updated to iOS7 you will notice a nice change with your photo gallery. It used to be you would have a grid view of all you images without any information as to when or where you took those images. Now, with iOS7, when you are in the photo gallery simply click “Photos” in the lower left and it will reveal 3 levels of organization: Moments, Collections and Years. If you have location services enabled for your camera it will include your geo tag for your images (it’s a little startling to see how precise it is). Folks will love this feature that helps you sort and scan more readily. Once you are in a level just click on an image to back out to the beginning.

Tap to Focus

The new iOS7 allows you to click the volume DOWN button to focus when you use the camera. I found that I held it too long resulting in the shutter release firing off a photo. What I prefer is to tap the screen wherever you want to focus. To see this in action great go to a room in your house and aim toward a well lit window. Tap an area that focuses on the window and things will come into focus. Then tap outside the area of the window and you will see that area brighten up. Using this little feature can make a big difference especially in low light scenarios.

Free iPhoto and iMovie Apps

When you upgrade to new iOS7 device you will now be able to download iPhoto and iMovie (and Pages, Keynote and Numbers) at no extra charge. It used to be folks had to purchase an app such as Snapseed to have better photo editing capabilities. You will need to be in a wireless area to download these apps since they will take up 100 MB of space. But it is worth the download if you are a serious photographer or just want to improve the bad shots you already took.

Burst , Square, Slo Mo and Pano Modes

By holding down either the screen button or volume button you can now get insane burst mode on the iPhone. Up to 10 frames per second. It is so rapid fire you can create a video when importing the images into iMovie. Great for those scenic vacations!

What’s my aperture?

The new iPhone 5S has an aperture of f2.2 (a stop better than the iPhone 5). Apple did not improve on the 8 megapixels with this new phone. Instead they improved the quality of the photo receptors that corresponds to a pixel. Now the receptors are at 1.5 microns up from what most phones have, a 1.4 micron pixel size. What does that mean? The bigger the photo receptors the more light your camera can gather which improves overall color saturation and noise level. Along with this the active surface area in the camera sensor has been increased by 15%. Apple claims this is a 33% improvement in the light sensitivity.

A very nice feature with the new iPhone is the ability to zoom when taking video. Now you can zoom in when your child kicks the winning soccer goal or on a detail when you’re on vacation. You just have to pinch and spread your fingers on the screen to do this. In 2010 she was selected as a Yahoo! Shine Parenting Guru. In 2011 she earned a Rising Star award from Yahoo! Contributor Network and was chosen as a Featured Expert.

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