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1 update available for iPhone

1 update available for iPhone

The free iOS 7.1 update available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is being released today, according to a March 10 report in Computer World.

This free iOS update is the first major update to iOS 7.0, Apple’s new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. This update is a hefty 200 MB and includes lots of improvements and bug squashing.

One of the improvements iOS 7.1 brings, is to “Siri”, the voice activated virtual assistant. Now you press the home button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to speak to “Siri” and release it for the virtual assistant to reply. Before users had to tap the virtual microphone to talk to “Siri” and wait for “Siri” to detect that the user had stopped speaking. Besides making “Siri” respond much faster to a user’s commands, this iOS 7.1 update provides “Siri” with more natural sounding female and male voices.

With this free iOS 7.1 update it’s also easier to create stations in “iTunes Radio”. To create a new customized station, just use the search field atop “Featured Stations”. Also in this update, when you subscribe to “iTunes Match”, you can listen to “iTunes Radio” ad free.

In this iOS 7.1 update you’ll find enhancements to “Calendar” too. Now specific holidays are automatically added to your calendar and you can view events by the month.

If you have an iPhone 4, this new iOS 7.1 update will make iOS work smoother on your device.

If you have an iPhone 5s, this iOS 7.1 update will automatically set your camera to HDR. This update will also improve TouchID (the fingerprint scanner).

Besides these improvements and necessary bug fixes , this iOS 7.1 update includes the CarPlay feature. CarPlay is Apple’s new hands free way to interact with your iPhone and your car’s dashboard while you are driving. Just connect your iOS 7.1 updated iPhone to any CarPlay enabled automobile and you’ll be able to control everything from the maps on your phone to the knobs and buttons in your car hands free.

On your iPhone or iPad you can download the iOS 7.1 update for free by tapping “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update” > “Download and Install” > “Agree” to begin the download process. Be sure that you iPhone or iPad is connected to Wi Fi to save data charges. Also, be sure that your iPhone or iPad is plugged in to a power outlet.

While downloading iOS 7.1 is easiest this way, you can also download iOS 7.1 from iTunes.

Either way, this iOS 7.1 update is compatible with iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad mini+ and iPod Touch (5G).

If you enjoy this article about the free iOS 7.1 update that’s available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now, please share with friends, comment and subscribe. Thanks!

iPhone 4G monthly Contracts Articles

iPhone 4G monthly Contracts Articles

The Apple customers wait for the upcoming Smartphone is over after the arrival of this awesome Apple iPhone model added to the expanding popularity of the iPhone 5S especially in the Smartphone markets of the United Kingdom. Apple iPhone models are always stated to have the expensive price tag in the market and the iPhone 5S is also featured with the heavy price tag though i . This is one of the most successful Smartphone ever presented in the mobile market by the Apple Group which has gained immense customer support, praise and dominant position in the Smartphone market. In United Kingdom, the topmost mobile network providers like the EE, Vodafone, O2, etc and other mobile retailers are in the task of performing well especially for the promotion of the Apple iPh . After the grand success of several variants of iPhones new attractive and feature rich iPhone 5S is ready to be launched soon. This is a highly advanced handset with numerous high tech features incorporated in them along with eye tempting physical outlook.

In outer layout iPhone 5S is rumored to be much slimmer and thinner th . But to gain the iPhone 5C, you need to consult the various UK network providers and retailers to get you the best deal around. Online is the ultimate destination where you will come across certain mobile deals website which offers hot offers and deals upon the Apple iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C is also available in SIM free option also for . The next level smart phone of the Apple family is priced low because it is available with a metal back finishing. This phone is great for those customers who use lots of efficient smart features and downloads a lot of media files and documents. So, the iPhone 5S is great for storing these files in a large number because this smart phones enables three v . The recent model of the iPhone 5S is available with memory options like 16 GB, 32GB and the 64GB. The newly released Apple iPhone 5S is available in the colors of black and white with a good camera of 12 MP to click high definition pictures and the HDR. The Apple iPhone 5S also processes the use of the faster Siri and a speedy processor. The perfec . You can choose from a range of the latest smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the innovative iPhone 5 with the pay monthly contracts. At first the iPhone was open to only O2 but it didn”t prove successful because its services failed to satisfy the customer”s requirements. As a result, Apple opened up the market to network with Vodafone, Orange, T Mobile and 3 Mobile along with the O2.

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