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military cooperation buy madden 18 coins between European

In addition, military cooperation between European countries will also be expanded from buy madden 18 coins field of warplanes, for example, some countries are trying to jointly develop buy madden 18 coins battle tanks, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, etc.At present, the criminal and criminal situations in telecommunications networks are still grim. The means buy madden 18 coins crime have become increasingly specialized, nhl 18 hut coins and constantly renovated. This has brought new problems and new challenges to crack down on buy madden 18 coins. In the next step, the public security organs will cheap fifa 18 coins ps4 to improve their ability to crack down on governance, earnestly safeguard the property safety of the people buy madden 18 coins the masses, and further

PVP adjustment: cat Germany was slaughtered milk ride milk is weakened

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In the maintenance of tomorrow, the following PVP adjustments will be made.
Shredding causes 25% extra damage in the stealth state of the PVP case. (Formerly 50%)
Skewed in the case of PVP stealth state caused 50% of the additional damage. (Formerly 100%)
Rage cut now cost 5 combo points
Rage cut now to paralyze the target for 5 seconds (formerly 6 seconds)
Furious cut now cooling time is 10 seconds (formerly 6 seconds)
Monthly Spirit of the month under the fire damage in the case of PVP reduced by 20%.
Fighting the creature reduces the target’s maximum health by 15% (formerly 25%)
Demon Hunter
The duration of the action that is imprisoned on the player now becomes 3 seconds (4 seconds ago)
The cooldown of the detention extension was increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
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Weave fog
PVP template of the Almighty increased by 5%
PVP template armor increased by 10%
PVP situation in the magic recovery rate increased by 5%
The amount of cocoon absorption in the PVP situation increased by 10%
Revenge of the Crusader treatment effect reduced to 175% (formerly 200%)
Earth Shield Reduces the damage done by the target by 10% (formerly 15%)
The damage of the arrows in the PVP case reduced by 10%
Focus on chaos Increases the damage done by the chaos by 65% ??(formerly 75%)
Fire stone crit chance reduced to 65% (previously 75%)
PVP template intelligence increased by 6%
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and timely report the mut coins

and timely report the content published in the German buy mut coins reporting center “and their social network platform. For obvious illegal business speech, after receiving the complaint shall be buy mut coins or blocked in 24 hours; complex illegal speech, should be deleted or blocked in seven days; the enterprise should not only delete I should leave a good evidence, buy mut coins of evidence in Germany for 10 weeks; the enterprise shall timely inform the user to the complainant and to deal with the situation, cheap madden mobile coins explain the reasons; all” illegal copy buy mut coins “appeared on the network platform must also be timely deleted or blocked. Otherwise, the enterprise will receive huge fines. If the enterprise or not not timely buy mut coins Germany related affairs plenipotentiary or service agent, madden mobile coins highest point of a fine of 500 thousand euros; if the enterprise did not establish effective buy mut coins handling mechanism,

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