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In 1900, Hermes for its customers with a special shoulder strap with a saddle bag

In 1867, held in Paris, the World Expo, Hermes will be with superb technology, won an honor award. In 1880, Charles-Emile Hermes (1831-1916) inherited his father, moved the shop to 24 (Faubourg Saint-Honore), and was close to the presidential palace. With the help of his son Cartier love bracelet replica and Emile-Maurice, Hermes has successfully expanded to Europe, North America, Russia, America and Asia.

In the name of Hermes Freres (1902-1919), Hermes created a glorious start for the 20th century and continued to develop the advanced harness career.

In 1900, Hermes for its customers with a special shoulder strap with a saddle bag, its unique shape designed specifically for the rider to carry their saddle.

In 1914, Hermes brothers employ 70 to 80 professional Replica Cartier jewelry, while aware of the unlimited potential of the automotive industry. Emile-Maurice was sent to the United States to order the French cavalry department leather, he deeply understand the mass production and the development of various types of transportation technology will make the demand for travel leather products more vigorous. He believed that the zippers that had not yet been known to the Europeans would be popular, and that would be introduced into France as an exclusive product.

In the 1920s, Emile-Maurice Hermes (1871-1951) was the leader of Hermes, who used the saddle needle to other leather products. In addition to some products, a series of purses, luggage and travel goods, sports and auto parts, scarves, belts, gloves, jewelery and watches – all show Hermes commitment to perfect quality. As the father of four daughters, Emile Hermes soon had three son-in-law: Robert Dumas, Jean-Rene Guerrand and Francis Puech, who developed them as effective and complementary partners.

Then, the company opened a branch in the main French resort, and settled in the United States in 1924. Visitors from all over the world come to France and must come to Hermes.

As a response to the economic recession, Hermes was chosen in the 30’s launched a number of people talked about the classic series. Since then, the bag named “Kelly”, leather notebook, Cartier love ring replica briefcase (1935), anchor bracelet (1938) and horseback costume are included in the list of Hermes legend.

In 1937, the original knight shirt for the silk inspired the creative inspiration, Hermes scarves officially available. In the same year, Hermes celebrated the 100th anniversary of the young birthday. The love of Emile Hermes has led to the birth of a collection of collections, which has been collected by future generations to make it more abundant. Whether it is a painting, a book or an art object, it becomes the object of the designer’s inspiration.

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