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In the five class for gofifacoins assets

In the five class for China assets, investors, commodity only has a more extensive global pricing, which gofifacoins the domestic and other categories of assets with low correlation of natural. From 2010 After the financial crisis of 7 gofifacoins of data, China’s major commodity and stock index monthly yields the highest correlation is Shanghai zinc, but the correlation coefficient is 0.35; the correlation gofifacoins most varieties are mostly in between 0.10-0.25 and stock index; some agricultural products, such as soybean and cotton, and the correlation between stock cheap ps4 fifa 18 coins close to 0. but gofifacoins to bonds, most of the goods are negative correlation. Three showed weak commodity based assets of financial products accounted for the proportion of the overall gofifacoins management products is still very low. Released from domestic institutions financial products, commodity based assets investment asset management products fifa 18 ultimate team coins,

Witnessed Tiffany 2017 jewelry release

2017 Blue Book released the “The Art of Wild” series, from 1837 to date, once a year bluebook release, it is gradually from an order to evolve into a gorgeous event.

Speaking of Tiffany & Co. What do you think of? If only the classic key necklace and six claw ring, then you must be good These days meow as Tiffany & Co. China image ambassador to attend the annual Bule Book

You do not know? That editor of science

Tiffany will be held every year Blue Book, yes, this year also! April 21, 2017 Blue Book has released the “Art of Wild” series, which has been evolved from an ordering catalog to a gorgeous event every year since 1837.

Jungle fantasy The Replica Cartier jewelry Let’s see Tiffany and let’s go! 2017 Blue Book Premium Jewelry Series contains six main themes –

Whispers of the Rain Forest

Platinum inlaid diamonds and 18K gold fern leaf necklace

Platinum and 18K gold inlaid white diamond and yellow diamond fern leaf earrings

Whispers of the Rain Forest

Tiffany will be the forest of insects and tranquil and branches and whirling into the ears and fingers between the poetic

To capture the delicate energy and rhythm of the rainforest

Tiffany craftsmen hand-made staggered diamond fern leaves, with a chain of diamonds to the leaves in series, as if the leaves swing when the gentle whisper. One of the 200 inlaid with 200 long stick-shaped diamond-plated platinum necklace to round pavé diamonds in series with more than 350 pieces of hand-carved 18k gold fern leaves, the wind swing, gently play the leaves soft sound rustling. A pair of earrings inlaid with 30 colors of different colors of the thick yellow diamond, Cartier love bracelet replica yellow diamond and white diamond, to create a bright bright gradient effect.

Miracle Berry

18K gold inlaid manganese aluminum garnet, red tourmaline, yellow diamond and diamond necklace

Platinum and 18K gold inlaid color gradient tourmaline and diamond necklace

18K gold inlaid 20.23 carat red tourmaline and diamond ring

Is not tender and beautiful?

In a way that can be anything from sour to sweet sweet berry for the inspiration, Miracle Berry (Miracle Berry) theme of the design really realized the color and shape of the innovation

In a three-strand necklace inlaid with bright orange yellow Cartier love ring replica and rich color of the red tourmaline; gold bead was wrapped in yellow and white diamond between. Each gem size and clarity are extraordinary, people memorable. Craftsmen cleverly knit a metal chain, with diamonds for the cover, inlaid with custom cut round beads of manganese aluminum garnet and red tourmaline, the process pushed up to attain the level. 18k gold fern leaves pattern throughout the series, and pure diamond or colorful gems pavilions, crystal shine like leaves on the dew. This series of 20-carat round red red tourmaline cocktail ring is particularly eye-catching, whether it is the size of the gem, clarity or color are outstanding, bright and dazzling red dazzling.

Cartier’s design features the exoticism of the three brothers traveling around the world

When Cartier met China

1, Cartier designed a lot of works inlaid from the Chinese lacquer to get the picture, this 1926 creation of the dressing box is one of its representative. Designers in the original paint on the basis of coral, diamonds, gold and other materials to be decorated, to produce a very fine high-level crafts, the full interpretation of the works of Chinese temperament.

2, China’s “stuff”, often Cartier cleverly with the new concept of processing into another object, this 1924 design of the brooch can be described as one of the most Cartier love bracelet replica creative representative. Designers combined with the shape of the original Chinese objects, size and materials, with the Western decoration, the moment will be the ancient Chinese ornaments into both traditional style and rich fashionable brooch.

3, this creation in 1927 years of jade screen clock is Cartier design concept of Chinese and Western excellent for. The face of the jade face engraved with Chinese landscape, the painting has a paternity and donkey image, the back of another landscape painting and gold enamel dragon. Inserted around the screen with red coral composed of bamboo-shaped package edge, on the diamond. This has a high aesthetic value of the jade screen has been the Paris Art Deco Museum collection.

4, this creation in 1929 the hanging table is Cartier borrowed the classic idea of ​​Chinese antique. A 19th century Chinese jade seal, the bottom of the dial, the top of the lion’s waist connected by the diamonds, rubies and jade made of decorative parts. Red and green match, from the typical Chinese tradition.

5, inspired by the Chinese culture, Cartier in 1919 created this “yin and yang” necklace. Consisting of a pair of spherical pendants composed of yin and yang tai chi pattern, each pendant, black onyx stands for “yin”, full of round cut diamonds on behalf of “yang”, round cut ruby ​​inlaid in the four claws In the distinctive colors and clever design, full of unique charm.

6, in the “Art Deco Art Deco” period, Cartier re-interpretation of the ancient Chinese civilization of the ancient distant civilization, this section created in 1925 Phoenix pattern powder box and lipstick box can be called classic. Powder box, mother of pearl and diamond composition of the glittering clouds, a gold and enamel inlaid from the Phoenix, on its wings fly, look magnificent. Toner and lipstick box around the black graphics, but also the traditional Chinese wishful case, represents the blessing of all things wishful.

7, this design in 1928 earrings, the use of China in the late 19th century early 20th century jade jade Maitreya Buddha pendant. Cartier borrowed the image of the Maitreya Buddha, with a new idea to the Buddha with a diamond inlaid flame-shaped backlit.

Cartier is a French watch and Cartier love ring replica jewelry manufacturer, founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 31. In 1874, his son Yafa Cartier inherited his management, by his grandson Louis Cartier, Pierre Cartier and Jiesi Cartier to develop into a world famous brand. Is now the Swiss Richemont Group (Compagnie Financière Richemont SA) affiliated companies. In 1904, he designed the world’s first wrist watch, the Cartier Santos, for the pilots Alto Tudson.

Looking back at the history of Cartier, is to review the history of modern jewelry changes in the century, in the development of Cartier, has been with the royal family nobles and celebrities maintained a closely related contacts and close contacts, and has become a global fashion dream of luxury people. Over the past century, the reputation of the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor’s cardia is still with its extraordinary creativity and perfect craft for the human creation of many exquisite, unparalleled masterpieces masterpieces. Cartier’s legend began in 1847. The 29-year-old Louis-Francois Cartier (1819-1904) took over from the master Adolphe Picard in Paris 29, Rue Montorgueil

Cartier created (3 photos) of the jewelry store. In 1846, Louis-Francois in his own name acronym L and C surrounded by a heart-shaped composition of a diamond logo, registered Cartier company, which means that the birth of Cartier, this heart-shaped symbol of a symbol of a legendary love story And the beginning of the luxury kingdom. At that time, Paris, after the throne for some turbulence, but also restored Huadu old flashy weather, greatly promoted the prosperity of the Paris jewelry industry. Cartier was lucky to get the recommendation of Napoleon III young cousin Mathilde princess, business is growing. In 1902, Cartier’s shop has been opened from Paris to London and New York, New York has gradually become the headquarters of the Kingdom of Cartier. Father and son only two generations, Cartier has become the world – the king of jewelry ‖. Cartier’s story Cartier was founded in 1847 in Paris, France In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris Rue Montorgueil 29 took over his division Adolphe Picard Replica Cartier jewelry factory. Maison Cartier was born. In 1899, Maison Cartier moved to Maison current address: 13 rue de la Paix. The future of Maison is dominated by Cartier’s three brothers: Louis, Pierre and Jacques. They travel around the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Gulf to the United States. Branch offices in 1902 and 1909 were established in London and New York. Maison Cartier’s cornerstone was laid. Cartier soon in the European court reputation. Prince of Wales (became Edward VII in 1902), praised Cartier for the king’s jeweler and jeweler king, and in 1904 awarded Cartier as a first-class British court supply license for the British court supplier. Cartier’s design features the exoticism of the three brothers traveling around the world. Today, Cartier design, whether it is high-end jewelry or contemporary jewelry product line, such as Caresser d’Orchidées par Cartier collection, are in the unique technical know-how, style and expertise based on the interpretation of Maison’s values. The classic handed down Cartier crown.

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