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How well is the iPhone 5c really selling

How well is the iPhone 5c really selling

Only about two weeks after the release of iPhone 5c, iPhone 5c prices continue to fall which suggests that Apple may not be selling many units of the colorful handset, according to an Oct 4 report in the Los Angles Times.

Usually price cuts on technology items occur because of one of either two reasons:

Originally, Apple said the 16GB iPhone 5s would sell for $99. Soon afterward, Wal Mart announced that it would see this model iPhone 5c for just $79.00 with a two year contract, a price which undercut all competitors including Apple retail stores.

On Thursday, Best Buy said that it was giving a $50.00 Best Buy gift card to any customer purchasing the iPhone 5c. This card can be used at the time of purchase, effectively reducing the iPhone 5c price to just $49.00.

Then on Friday, Wal Mart announced that it’s going to reduce the price to just $45.00 with a two year contract undercutting Best Buy by $4.00. According to Wal Mart, this new price will last until at least December 25.

Price cuts on Apple products are very unusual, especially so soon after a new product has been released. But again, when big box retailers start slashing prices it’s a sign that sales for that item are slow, and the uniqueness of Apple price cuts underscores this possibility.

Of course, there is also the possibility that this is all part of a larger Apple strategy.

Might Apple be positioning the high quality iPhone 5c to be an economical smartphone that most customers can afford? Apple does, after all, strictly control the prices of Apple products or, at least, it has previously.

The iPhone 5c is an advanced version of iPhone 5 and is available in five colorful plastic cases (pink, green, white, yellow and blue). Its initial $99.00 price is $100.00 less than that of its cousin, the iPhone 5s, which is backordered online and very difficult to find in Apple retail stores.

Best Buy Complains About Walmart’s iPhone 5 Holiday Ads

Best Buy Complains About Walmart’s iPhone 5 Holiday Ads

Best Buy allegedly lost $65,000 in profits because of Walmart misleading price ads, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

This whole thing started when Walmart cut the price of the iPhone 5 to $127 during the holiday shopping season last month. At that time Best Buy was selling its iPhone 5 for $149.

The problem, Best Buy alleges, is that Walmart was discounting the iPhone 5 when it didn have many of them in stock. Best Buy at that time was offering a price match program to its customers and the company had to drop their price to match that of Walmart scenario simply means that Best Buy is filling the stock at a discount that Walmart doesn have, which probably led to the feeling of dismay and animosity of Best Buy towards Walmart in this particular instance.

For its part, Walmart has denied the allegations and says that their stores that carried the iPhone 5 were 98 percent in stock.

To make matters go south for Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us and other retailers have complained to attorneys general in several states, accusing Walmart of misleading advertising during the holiday shopping season, including a discount on Apple iPhone 5, according to that WSJ report.

It would be very interesting what attorneys general in those states would actually do to try to solve the alleged false advertising claim that were lodged against Walmart by Best Buy and the others.

Best Buy beats Target and Walmart with free iPhone 5c

Best Buy beats Target and Walmart with free iPhone 5c

Best Buy has matched, and slightly improved, Target’s good deal on iPhone 5c: Best Buy now offers a new iPhone 5c free with a new two year commitment for smartphone service with either Verizon, AT or Sprint. This is for the 16 gigabyte model in any of the five colors that Apple makes: yellow, pink, green, blue or white.

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This is slightly better than Target’s deal because Target requires that you spend $30 for the iPhone 5c and then receive a Target gift card worth $30. At this point, Walmart appears not to be competing with its big box rivals iPhone 5c prices, though Walmart has offered iPhone 5c for $50 since October. Apple stands pat with its list price of $99.

All the deals mentioned above are for a 16 gigabyte iPhone 5c purchased in conjunction with a new two year commitment for phone service.

The iPhone 5c uses the same A6 microchip as last year’s iPhone 5, has an excellent 8 megapixel Eysight camera and 4 inch Retina Display screen. carriers, Verizon, AT Sprint and T Mobile, support the iPhone 5c, and you can purchase iPhone 5C at any of their local stores, though we have yet to see them offer prices as low as Best Buy and Target. Nevertheless, the zero price is likely to be a sign of things to come because smartphone prices fall quickly as their technology ages.

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