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George was very selfish about not being able to finish his last nba2kmt

After the game, George was very selfish about not being able to finish his last shot. “I told C.J, and in that case I should go to the last ball.” George also stressed that he trusted the Myers, but then he should also be nba2kmt last attack of the performers. “In front of my teammates, I am confident that the last attack is a candidate, that’s not a problem,” said George. But as an nba2kmt, James said after the game, George made the right choice at the time. “Let me say that when the two attack me, I will give up nba 2k17 vc sale ps4 attack, this is me.” James said, “I do not know what other people think about this, but when there are two people hit you, mean With another area of ​​4 to play 3. So even if you are the best player on the floor, it does not mean you have to perform the last shot, and I think he made the right choice.

Pacers regret losing 0-1 behind, the day after tomorrow the two teams will be the second round of the contest.
Beijing time on April 16, ESPN nba2kmt, although the nba2kmt win three pairs, but the vc coins nba 2k17 on Westbrook playing time control was very good. The nba2kmt are about to start, the Thunder team has plans to increase the less playing time.

Holliday with excellent nba2kmt ability to break the Warriors defense

The fourth quarter, the first 2 minutes and 48 seconds, Holliday with excellent personal ability to break the Warriors defense, restricted layup. 6 minutes 47 seconds, Fraser in the McCain shot foul, give nba2kmt nba2kmt 2 free throws. 6 minutes and 59 seconds, Crawford hand cut the ball, was McCain steals. Warriors play smooth with this section of the team completed a total of nine assists, including 2k mt coins – West one for his teammates sent three passes. Pelicans this section feel quite good, the team shooting 68.42%, compared with the warriors 57.14% even better, which Crawford only this section to get 15 points. The end of the game, the Warriors beat the pelican 123-101, won the game victory.

Beijing time on April 9, NBA regular nba2kmt to continue, the Blazers vs. Jazz, the final pioneer to 101-86 victory over opponents. Pioneer team Lilard Hao take a career high, team history record 59 points! 34 vote in nba 2k17 mt 18, three-pointers in 14 9, another contribution to 6 rebounds and 5 nba2kmt, and 0 mistakes. Haqesai Si 12 points, the remaining no one score on the double.

According to the voice of aeigm

According to the voice of aeigm “epicenter wide news” report, recently in Beijing in the lead, for anime game from personnel of course of the establishment of a special title evaluation channel, up to senior, is expected to benefit the whole city will be more than 50000 professional and technical personnel.

Beijing people club bureau and Beijing municipal culture bureau jointly issued way, in the Beijing area in animation, comic books, electronic game profession is engaged in the planning, screenwriter, director, aeigm such as graphic design work of professional and technical personnel, qualified can since September, according to the professional and technical titles set is high, high, aeigm, junior four grades.

According to statistics, at present Beijing games aeigm formed a team of more than 50000 professionals. Way, also included in the animation game title appraisal scope has three professional fields, a total of 22 major aeigm. It is understood that the city will complete by the end of the first title appraisal work. Practitioners can log in Beijing people club bureau website, access to the professional and technical qualification evaluation system for online declaration.

Not only that, cheapest gw2 gold cartoon game title evaluation aeigm also radiation beijing-tianjin-hebei. In Beijing area, on the basis of first try, Beijing will also sum up experience, popularization of copy to tianjin, hebei animation game title evaluation mode, research anime game title of a unified, Hong Kong and evaluation standards and evaluation methods. (reporter zhang aeigm mian)

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