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The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your iPad

The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your iPad

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your iPad after you purchased it, don’t worry. It’s a common feeling. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn about your new device. But there’s no need to feel too intimidated. You’ll be using the device like a pro before too long.

Here’s a few pointers on how to get started using the device:

This is true for any gadget that can receive updates to its system software. Not only can software updates help keep your device running smoothly, squashing annoying bugs you might otherwise come across, they can also help your device run more efficiently by saving on battery life. There are no known viruses for the iPad, and because all apps are screened by Apple, malware is rare, but no device is completely invulnerable. Software updates can make your iPad experience safer, which is a good enough reason to always keep on top of them.

More Instructions on Updating iOS

2. Move Apps into FoldersYou might want to rush into the App Store and start downloading, but you’d be surprised by how quickly you’ll have three or more pages full of apps. This can make it difficult to find a specific app, and while spotlight search provides a great way to search for apps, it’s easy enough to keep your iPad organized by putting apps into folders.

To move an app, simply tap and hold your finger on it until all apps are jiggling. Once this happens, you can drag an app across the screen. To create a folder, simply drop it on another app. You can also give the folder a custom name.

While setting up your initial folders, try dragging the Settings app to the dock at the bottom of the screen. This dock comes with a few apps in it, but it can fit up to six. And because the dock always present on your home screen, it makes a quick way to launch your favorite apps. Pro tip: You can also move a folder to the dock.

Want to learn more? Check out our New User’s Guide to the iPad

3. Download iWork, iLife, iBooksOK. Enough playing around with the apps that came with the iPad. Let’s start filling it up with new apps. Apple is now giving away the iWork and iLife software suites to anyone who purchases a new iPad or iPhone. If you qualify for this, it’s a good idea to download this software. iWork includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. iLife has Garage Band, a virtual music studio, iPhoto, which is great for photo editing, and iMovie, a movie editor. While you are there, you can also download iBooks, Apple’s eBook reader.

The first time you launch the App Store, you will be presented with the opportunity to download these apps. This is the easiest way to download them all at once. If you’ve already opened the App Store and declined the download, you can search for them individually. iWork includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote. iLife contains Garage Band, iPhoto and iMovie.

A List of All of Apple’s iPad Apps

4. Disable In App PurchasesIf you are a parent with a small child, it is a good idea to lock your iPad with a passcode and disable in app purchases by turning on restrictions. You may have already set up a passcode when you initialized your iPad, but if you skipped it, setting a passcode is easy. Simply launch settings, choose General settings and scroll down until you see Passcode Lock. Tapping this option will take you through setting up a passcode.

Restrictions are just under the Passcode Lock settings. Even if you don’t use a passcode to lock your device, you will need a passcode for restrictions. This is needed to make sure only people who know the code can modify the restriction settings. Once enabled, you can flip the switch for in app purchases to off.

How to Childproof Your iPad

5. Connect to Your iPad to FacebookWhile we are in the iPad’s settings, we might as well set up Facebook. If you use the social network, you will probably want to connect your iPad to your Facebook account. This allows you to quickly share photos and web pages. It also allows apps to interact with Facebook. Don’t worry, if an app wants to access your Facebook connection, it will ask permission first.

6. Turn On Photo StreamIf you own an iPhone, you may also want to turn on Photo Stream. This feature allows photos to automatically be shared between devices, which is great if you want to access those beautiful iPhone 5S photos from your iPad without spending a lot of time transferring each photo. You will also need to turn on Photo Stream on your iPhone for this to work. Photo Stream can be turned on for any device on the same account, so if your family members use the same account, you can share photos between those devices as well. You can even set up custom photo streams to share specific photos.

More About Photo Stream

7. Install DropboxUnless you splurged on that 64 GB model, you may find yourself with some storage space constraints on your new iPad. Hopefully, you won’t need to worry about this for a while, but one way to give yourself a little more elbow room is to set up cloud storage. Dropbox is not just a good way to give yourself some extra space, it will let you have access to the same files from multiple devices, which is great if you want to get at that spreadsheet from your Macbook Air or your iPad Air.

You can setup Dropbox by downloading the app from the App Store. The first 2 GB of space are free, and for many, that can be enough. You can even use it to transfer photos and files to your PC by setting up Dropbox on your computer. You can do this by visiting their website on your PC.

Setting Up Dropbox on the iPad

8. Set Up You Own Custom Radio StationThe iPad now includes iTunes Radio as part of the Music app. Similar to services like Pandora, iTunes Radio allows you to set up your own custom radio station based off a favorite artist or song.

You can set up a custom station by launching the Music app, choosing the “Radio” tab at the bottom (it should default to this tab), and tapping the “New Station” button. (Just hit the plus sign.) When prompted, type in a favorite artist, song or even genre of music. This should get the ball rolling on iTunes Radio.

The Best Alternatives to iTunes Radio

9. Set a Custom BackgroundIf you set up Photo Stream on your iOS devices, you may already have your most recent photos on your iPad. This would be a good time to set up a custom background. After all, who wants that bland background that comes with the iPad? You can set a custom background for your home screen and for your lock screen. You can set custom backgrounds in the “Wallpapers Brightness” section of your iPad settings. It is just under the General settings in the left side menu. And even if you haven’t loaded any photos on your iPad, you can choose from some of the default wallpaper provided by Apple.

How to Customize Your iPad

10. Back Up Your iPad to iCloudNow that we’ve customized the iPad and downloaded some basic apps, it’s a good time to backup the iPad. Normally, your iPad should back itself up to the cloud anytime you leave it charging. But sometimes, you may want to back it up manually. All you need to do to backup the iPad is to launch Settings, choose iCloud from the left side menu and choose the Storage and Backup option at the bottom of the iCloud settings. The last option in this new screen is “Back Up Now”.

Don’t worry, the process doesn’t take too long even if you have loaded the iPad up with a bunch of bulky apps. Since apps can be re downloaded from the App Store, they don’t need to be backed up to iCloud. The iPad simply remembers which apps you had installed on your device.

Best iPhone applications for you

Best iPhone applications for you

Best iPhone applications for youI own an iPhone 5, and since I put it in my possession, I have been experimenting with the App Store.

I have tried each app that I liked based on the name, theme, picture, colors, or sometimes I would just install an app, for the sake of installing new applications, and explored it.

I have installed many, and uninstalled even more. These happens because not all of them are good quality, good options, or they do not really do what they promise to do in their description. And because, there are simply better apps.

I have chosen some of those apps that I think everyone should have in their iPhone, but of course, you are free to do as you please.

But, before we begin our marathon, I want to say something very important, especially parents must read carefully for it is about protecting their children!

Be careful, and DO NOT, absolutely DO NOT install the animated applications like: Talking Angela, Talking Tom, and all those other talking things. What do these apps do?

They ask to take a photo of you, to play with you. Yes, I said THEY, because in fact there are specific persons behind those apps. DO NOT! There applications are hacked, and these are persons whom law defines as kidnappers. In Italy, police entered each class in every school, and personally uninstalled and banned these applications from the kid’s iPhones.

Now, that I made that clear, lets move on to our useful and safe applications.

InstagramInstagram is a social site, an app that is offered only for Android, and IOS systems.

It offers you the possibility to create a blog with all your photos [kind of an album.] You are the one who chooses the persons you want to follow, and persons that follow you. You can keep your blog open for everyone, or private in which case you are the one to confirm if a person who asks to follow you, will be able to see your album or not.

You do not have to speak with anyone. You only comment and like others pictures, and others do so to yours. But if you do like to speak with others, then you can always install “InstaMessage”.

Another thing you can do with Instagram after the latest update, is that you can send photos directly to someone, without others being able to see it.

We all know ” A photo is worth a thousand words. “

WhatsAppWhatsApp is an application that can be used by everyone in posses of a phone with internet.

This app allows you to text with all your contacts for free, if you have internet, or wireless. You can choose your nickname and a photo. There is no need for an email or password, all you need is a mobile phone and your phone number.

It allows you to send photos, and videos in real time to your chosen friend, or even create a group of your friends and text with all of them at once, just like messenger.

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iPhone 5S not always good for carriers

iPhone 5S not always good for carriers

While about nine million devices were sold in three days upon the Sept. 20 release of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, carriers continue to steer customers to other devices, according to information released Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Echoing an Oct. 1 report by DigiTimes, carrier reps cited small margins and often big losses on iPhone sales.

“iPhones aren’t discounted to the carrier like other devices,” an Illinois Verizon rep said Wednesday. “There’s really no margins and even less flexibility when it comes to technical issues and customer service challenges. In many of those cases, they have to go through Apple. The iPhone isn’t our favorite, no.”

Apple is apparently aware of the challenges yet it is not known if the company will offer better terms with carriers on subsidized phones.

Meanwhile, wireless companies tend to recommend Android devices, most notably carrier exclusive smartphones that come with better profit margins and freedom to install bloatware advertising software.

For example, Verizon reps push their phones, first. The exclusive Motorola Droid smartphones are touted for their durability and everything iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung could ever offer, according to Verizon. Although those claims are true in many areas, business is business. There’s more in it for Verizon to sell their own phones, devices with healthy margins and smooth manufacturer relationships.

“Apple regulates very closely everything we do with the iPhone,” a Sprint manager said. “They are great, premium phones. But, they’re far the only game in town. Truthfully, much of the appeal lies in marketing. Owning an iPhone is still fashionable. Some people identify with a perceived image that comes with owning certain things and the iPhone has become one of those products.”

The first iPhone was released in June 2007. Over the last six years, the iPhone has introduced an array of features, many of which were first to market. The latest comes in form of the iPhone 5S’s Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which replaces the home button and unlocks the phone.

Touch ID also allows for one touch purchases in iTunes, iBooks and the App Store. According to reviews, the feature is a significant advancement, yet still caught somewhere between novelty and innovation.

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