Leaked Pictures of The iPhone 5S Logic Board Hit The Web

Leaked Pictures of The iPhone 5S Logic Board Hit The Web

When Apple unveiled iOS 7 everyone was surprised to see how much Apple could make them love the new OS because Apple is known for iphone app development and its marketing strategy. Since the day of its launch Apple fan boys have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on any photo which could give hints about the next version. Rumours about the new iPhone 5 continue to swirl as we build up to what is believed to be a September 12 launch event for the new Apple Smartphone.

There have been many rumours as the rumour mill is having the field day with this, from cheap iPhone to a phablet iPhone; no stones have been left unturned. Every possible permutation combination has been used to predict what Apple could be having up their sleeves.

A recent picture has surfaced comparing the iPhone 5 and the new alleged version but there seems to hardly any noticeable different in both the iPhones. The size looks practically same with some changed position of screws, maybe a conductor there here. one website is claiming that the screw holes in the logic board line up perfectly with previously leaked images claiming to show the back panel for the iPhone 5

The most surprising thing is usually such leak images are blurred and taken out of a hurry but these pictures provide stunning clarity and display and hence generate some suspicion about their authenticity simply because it is not easy to take such pictures.

Now there seems to be no major changes in the logic board or the size of the phone which will surely disappoint most of the Apple enthusiasts. Since Apple is wellknown for its marketing strategy so to overcome the gloominess there have been rumours about Apple launching 2 devices, 1 being the pricier iPhone 6 and another to be the mini version which would be the cheap version copying this from Samsung Galaxy S mini series. Your email address will not be published. Fields marked with asteric are required.

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