Infographic compares iPhone 5S vs

Infographic compares iPhone 5S vs

So this visual snapshot takes a closer look at perhaps the best models on the market: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5S.

So what exactly was compared? In the first portion the general specs are measured alongside each other. For example, the Operating System (OS), the CPU speeds and memory capacity were differentiated. In this initial general comparison, the Samsung Galaxy outperforms the iPhone. However, it’s possible Apple gets a slightly better review for its latest iOS 7 mobile version.

For the next category the displays are matched up with Samsung edging out iPhone because of its size and screen resolution. For protection of your smartphone’s screen, Apple’s iPhone 5S has the oleophobic coating, which gives the screen some additional resistance towards getting water spills on the device. This type of coating has been added since the release of the iPhone 3GS.

Comparing the camera specs the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a better camera resolution with 13 MP by the likes of 8 MP camera of the iPhone 5S. In addition, the pixel resolution is far superior on the Samsung phone. Now, the video resolution is nearly identical in video quality for both models.

The number of features mentioned elsewhere are ten for the iPhone and ten for the Samsung. A very detached comparison, description and gives the impression that this particular category would be left up to the consumers to choose and say which one works out better for them.

In the final categories of the reasons for buying one over the other is a great illustration. An interesting thought process that potential or existing smartphone owners could hover over when making a purchasing decision.

Both models are at the cutting edge of technology, and looking at the sales in the next quarter will certainly continue to spice up the debate. Who is going to win the hearts of consumers and businesses will ultimately be up to the eye of the beholder.

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