and timely report the mut coins

and timely report the content published in the German buy mut coins reporting center “and their social network platform. For obvious illegal business speech, after receiving the complaint shall be buy mut coins or blocked in 24 hours; complex illegal speech, should be deleted or blocked in seven days; the enterprise should not only delete I should leave a good evidence, buy mut coins of evidence in Germany for 10 weeks; the enterprise shall timely inform the user to the complainant and to deal with the situation, cheap madden mobile coins explain the reasons; all” illegal copy buy mut coins “appeared on the network platform must also be timely deleted or blocked. Otherwise, the enterprise will receive huge fines. If the enterprise or not not timely buy mut coins Germany related affairs plenipotentiary or service agent, madden mobile coins highest point of a fine of 500 thousand euros; if the enterprise did not establish effective buy mut coins handling mechanism,

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