According to Central fifa 18 coins

According to Central News Agency reports, India officials said that the rainy fifa 18 coins caused severe flooding in the west, killing 213 people, rescue workers continued in torrential rain fifa 18 coins the village looking for survivors. It is reported that low extinction water area, search and rescue personnel to go to the remote area, Gujarat (coins fifa) the death toll from 123 fifa 18 coins to 213 people. 26 of the Gujarat government rescue director Xia (A.J Shah) said kazakhstan:” The number of deaths Gujarat the rainy season has increased to 213 people. “fifa 18 coins authorities expected the death toll could rise further, need to confirm the identity of the body too much, let them difficult to cope with, will delay to confirm the latest fifa 18 coins toll time. Gujarat emergency accident control office official explained,” in the validation, we can officially confirm the buy mut coins “. The official said:” because find many bodies, fifa 18 coins takes time, the death toll will suddenly jump “.

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