7.3 Discipline ride void light melting furnace characteristics detailed simulation score

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The following is only recommended model and inference, and not a lot of verification, please use caution.
At present, the second layer of online circulation is the characteristics of the calculation of the monomer income, and some characteristics in the case of AOE earnings changes, and can not truly reflect the characteristics of income, so this post.
As the personal sacred material is limited, this post is based on SIMC 730-02 simulation test. Test method to set the four groups to compare the average income, separate the test results listed.
First, the second floor of the furnace characteristics of the calculation
1, test methods and the environment:
SIMC 730-02 default environment. There are bloodthirsty, rapid food, single ancient medicine
Single target: talent = 1212012 ultimate fanatical blue sword
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Four goals: talent = 1312012 final review blue sword
Equipment template: based on the 930 Tomb of the fall, three wings of the holy things
Light Darkness> Low Shadow> Dark Shock> Dark Shadow> Dark Shadow> Shadow Master> Kill Intent> Shock Light> Light Speed ??(Low Haste)> Dark Sadness>
Above the need to emphasize that the characteristics of the damage by the rapid impact is very obvious, if you are high enough, then the damage is more appropriate.
And in the AOE under the DOT class and attribute class is a clear advantage, the strongest single killing intention, because it can not be multi-target trigger and downwind.
Such as the speed of light, although the provision of DPS is not high, but can provide a more favorable copy of the experience of the characteristics, should not be excluded from the selection, especially for the ease of CJ legs short this dimension, the speed of light to help very large.
The above “average”, just the ruggedness of the monomer and the 4 target test results are averaged, which is equivalent to half of the fighting monomer half battle AOE.
And the actual battle is complex, my personal proposal is to choose in addition to the obvious advantages of choice, consider their own game progress.
Such as the upcoming long-term land reclamation of a monomer BOSS, then give priority to the characteristics of monomer.
While rice players recommend a higher priority AOE.
So the conclusion of this paste is bullying although the monomer dominant, but in actual combat may not be the best choice.
Which is weak, which combined with the progress of \ panel \ operating habits, mix and match, to enhance each other (such as holding strong and weak light speed interaction), comprehensive consideration is king.
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