Johnson and Ingles continuous hit 2k mt points

Ex situ battles, Hill break, Joe – Johnson and Ingles 2k mt hit three points, Jazz 8-3 offensive, the points difference narrowed to 7 points. Just, the jazz just saw hope, the Warriors flew three-dimensional attack, Curry fast break layup, Thompson soared in the third, Pachulia made two free throws, they answered 9-0 attack wave. Since then, Hood continuous cut points, jazz 2k mt to prevent further 2k mt of points. Before the end of the three, Green made foul free throws, the Warriors to 84-73 lead jazz.

Distal, Green first break three points, after a long shot 2k mt, Iguodala dunks, Clark layup. Warriors is a 10-0 attack wave, the advantage extended to 21 points giant Although Joe – Johnson and Eksham hit two consecutive three 2k my team coins, but this is a glass of water for the jazz. 5 minutes and 16 seconds before the whistle, Gobel deliberately pushed Green, was sentenced to a malicious 2k mt. Green free throw hit, the Warriors are still leading 20 points, the game has lost suspense. In the end, the two teams have replaced the nba 2k17 my team mt, the Warriors home victory, made a good start.

he’s still having a direct 2k mt with him

“We’ve talked to people around him,” he said, “and he’s still having a 2k mt conversation with him, and he always feels like the Celtics, this is his home, and I think he wants to We are now a bit busy, but when the time is 2k mt, we’ll talk to him. Paul and Griffin have the 2k mt to jump out of the contract in advance this summer, Paul need to Beijing in the June 30 time to inform the team’s own decision, Griffin’s time limit is June 29. Paul will be over 32 years old and his contract value of $ 24.268 million next season. If he renews with the Clippers, he will get a contract of $ 205 million for a maximum of five years. If he goes to his team, he will get The biggest contract is only $ 4,2 million for four years. The source said the Clippers wanted to renew with Paul.

Griffin’s next season’s contract value of $ 21.3 million, he also has the nba 2k mt for sale to jump out early in summer. If left, he can get the 2k mt contract is 5 years $ 175 million; if left, he can get up to 4 years $ 130 million contract. The source also said the Clippers wanted to renew the contract with Griffin. The reimbursement of the two consecutive 2k mt for sale in the playoffs did not seem to affect the Clippers’ confidence in Griffin. Another important 2k mt of the team, 32-year-old JJ-Reddick may pursue the last big contract of his career. If he is asking for more than $ 15 million, it is hard to believe that the Clippers will match the contract to leave him.

warrior coach Steve Cole said in an interview that he buy mt very trusting assistant

Earlier in the day, warrior coach Steve Cole said in an buy mt that he was very trusting buy mt Mike – Brown to replace himself on the sidelines, “Mike is very good, he completed the excellent job. I lay at home On the couch, tell my son that we should now adjust, and then I see that Brown really did that, Mike and my thoughts. “Because of back injury, Cole missed the game, had even buy cheap nba 2k17 coins that, He is likely to miss all the next game in the playoffs. Last buy mt, Cole had because of the back injury, missed most of the season, then, to replace his temporary coaching is Luke – Wharton.

From the US media reports, the eagle player Dennis – Schroeder in an interview, talked about his offseason plan, Schroeder said, “I am ready and Kerry – Owen and John – Wall two training together Because the two of them are the league’s best point guard. “At present, Schroeder’s eagle is playing the buy mt, and the game, he and Wall just tit for tat. Playing the ball, Schroeder played well, he played 31 minutes, 22 of 10 shots, scored 27 points 2 rebounds and 9 assists to help the Hawks pull a city.
The latest report from the US media, in today’s Clippers Jazz series before the fourth game, the jazz nba 2k17 buy coins announced that the center Rudy – Gobel will come back. Series opener, Gobel an opening accidentally sprained, after the retire. The next two balls, he has been resting. The regular buy mt this season, Gobel played 81 times, averaging 33.9 minutes to play, get 14 points 12.8 rebounds and 2.6 blocks 1.2 assists. At present in this round series, the Clippers big score 2: 1 temporary lead. However, the Clippers inside the main Griffin has been sold for injury.

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